If you are a golfer, you would be aware of the fact that blade irons are the purest equipment ever made. These irons are often used by the best in town and best in-game strikers.

There are many players who use the iron blade to improve the control over shots and to enhance the shaping of the shot. This implies mostly on the null handicapped players for the obvious reasons. If you have been on the same lookout, we have added a wide range of blade irons in this article.

Best Golf Blades

However, before we move on to the irons, let us pour you with some essential information regarding the blade irons and their basic mechanism. So, let’s start by the definition of the blade iron.

The blade irons aren’t the best option if you want to gain control but obviously, it has some essential features. For instance, the players are liable to shape the shots, maintain the direction of the shots, and control the launch of the shot, whether high or low.

In other words, the blade irons are the traditional form of the golf clubs which have been revitalized by the golf manufacturers and the golf players.

Now that you have some background information regarding the blade irons, let us tell you how we chose the perfect one for you. We took into consideration multiple factors to meet the diverse needs of the users. So, let’s see what we have got for you in the house!


This term is pretty wide and stands for “moment of inertia.” This term signifies the value of forgiveness you get when you make a shot through some off or odd angle.

It’s obvious that there will be resistance from the ball and club when you change the direction and MOI takes care of that. When you don’t make the shot in the right direction or through the right angle, there is twisting which results in the wayward derationing of the shots.

If your chosen iron has a higher moment of inertia, the less direction in wayward angles will be ensured. This also signifies the larger sweet spot of the club.

When the ball is hit through the edge rather than from the sweet spot, it tends to twist which isn’t good for the shot and launch. With the higher moment of inertia, the sweet spot is enlarged, twisting is reduced, and that results in stabilization of the shot. This stability results in long and straight shots!

However, when the moment of inertia is low, the golf club will spin upon the shot, the twisting will be generated and that will affect the direction of your shot.

Center of Gravity 

It is often acronymic as CG. For the optimal performance of the shots, the center of gravity needs to be low which the preliminary for the perfect shots is often.

The lower center of gravity helps in lowering the backspin of the shots. With the lower center of gravity, the golfers will have increased control over the shots and the distance covered will be higher as well.

However, if you need to play in the greens, you don’t need to focus on the lower center of gravity. But again, there are some times when the players get backspin even in the greens, so it’s optimal to opt for the irons that have a low center of gravity promised. Other than that, the low center of gravity will help in increasing the bend of the shots.

The Sweet Spot 

When you make a shot with your full zeal, there will be no twisting and the shot will not be disturbed. This happens due to the sweet spot. However, one needs to find the sweet spot and the best part is to study the shaft all the way down to the clubhead.

To find the sweet spot, tap on the different locations of the club to monitor the twisting. Where there is the least twisting, that’s your sweet spot and you can mark it to make shots from there.

A sweet spot is a place where twisting has its least impacts. Whenever you swing your golf club to make a shot, there is always some turning and twisting that’s often the reaction of the shot.

This twisting is due to the swivel and anchor. But what is the actual configuration? The shaft of the club makes the iron and club head makes a swivel.


Swing resonates with your ability to hit the ball from the resting position as you move the golf club. The path that it follows signifies the trajectory and the speed that you hit with signifies the swing speed.

If the shots are posed in the middle, the momentum of the shots will be affected and the direction of the shots will be impacted on a huge scale.

Here Are Our Top 6 Best Golf Blades in 2020

1. Callaway Apex MB: Best budget Blade 2020
2. Mizuno MP-18: Best Golf Blades of all Time
3. Taylormade P730 Irons: Best Golf Blades for beginners
4. Titleist MB 716 Iron Blade: Best Golf Blades Ever Made
5. Cobra King Forged MB: Best Golf Iron Blades Ever
6. Wilson Staff Golf Men’s (8 piece Set): Best Golf Blades Value For Money

In A Hurry? (Here is the Best Pick)

If you are in a hurry and don’t have ample time to read till the end, we have added our top pick in this section. So our top pick is Callaway Apex MB Iron Blade due to the following reasons;

  • The center of gravity is low
  • Straight hits
  • Uniform punt
  • Well-balanced
  • Comfortable feel
  • Accurate
  • Value of money

Check Out Our Top 6 Best Golf Blades

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1. Callaway Apex MB Iron – Best Budget Blade

If you really want to improve the game, this is the club which will help you do so. This club has been equipped with the cambered sole that is apt for the turf interactions.

Also, this feature is pretty much responsible for the improved playability and the club swinging. There was a huge gap in the golf club market because the prices and quality were never synchronized with each other.

This is where Callaway got into the battle and filed this gap with this golf club series. This golf club set has been designed to redefine the class while ensuring affordability.

The design of the set has been made keeping in mind the feel and distance for the golfers. The best part of these series is that the beginners will feel very comfortable with this set as it comes with the irons that have a lower range as well.

The faces of the clubs are all very well-balanced, which ensures excellent control over the game. The golf club has been optimized to stay chipping within 60 yards that quite huge for the beginner level of the golf club.

If you want the integrations and a perfect mix of distance, control, and feel, this golf club will make sure you have null issues. Last but not the least, if you go out to find such a thing within the same price range, we are sure you will lose, and we will win!


  • The center of gravity is low
  • Straight hits
  • Uniform punt
  • Well-balanced
  • Comfortable feel
  • Accurate
  • Value of money


  • Ball fight is high
  • Low forgiveness
  • Ballooning of the ball with high speeds

Our Verdict

When we were trying out this golf set, we could easily say that this golf club is a heaven of irons with comfort, stability, accuracy, and complete control. The faces of the clubs are very well-balanced, which ensures that the players have the control they hope for.

2. Mizuno MP-18 Iron – Best Golf Blades of All Time

This company is often termed as the newbie and they have really made bounds in their golfs. In this particular set of irons, there are four types of irons to meet the diverse and shifting needs of the golfers.

The four types of irons include muscle-back irons, split cavity, MMC Fli-Hi, and Multi-material construction. If you consider yourself a ball-striker, we demand you to buy this iron set along with the high forgiveness features.

Many golfers have invested in these irons because they are too hot and become everyone’s apple of the eye. If you buy a good-looking bag with this iron set, you are really going to look like a million dollars.

As far as the outlook is concerned, the cavity iron is painted with the chrome finish. Along with it, the thick sole has been added to improve the iron’s forgiveness at a great scale.

The best part is that forgiveness is increased but the size of the clubface is same and that’s a huge accomplishment. If we talk about the weight, it is perfectly distributed among the irons through the perimeter weighting conditions and the thin topline of the irons is a dream come true forever pro golfer.

However, the SC irons don’t have great forgiveness value but they helped us with the mishits and that’s a great thing to happen. Also, it provides a great feel that helps in maintaining consistency in the shots while ensuring the ultimate control over the shots.

Whenever you struck the ball with these irons, they give out a very subtle click sound through the thin sole. When we tried this iron set in the golf course, we were awestruck with the performance.

If you use the long irons, it will provide the ultimate confidence given the high performance and control over the shots. If you are someone who is unable to control the trajectory, this set will ensure that through the well-struck shots.


  • High performance
  • Consistent shots
  • High forgiveness
  • Great feel
  • Click sound
  • Improved trajectory
  • Confidence boost
  • Split cavity irons


  • None

Our Verdict 

Be it the performance or the feel, this iron set has it all. So, choose this iron set if you want to get your hands on workable, scalable, and high forgiveness level. 

3. Taylormade P730 Irons – Best Golf Blades for Beginners

  This golf manufacturing company has literally topped up the notch with this set of irons. This iron set is often termed as the fairway woods and with the aerodynamic shape, matrix speed shaft, pocket speed, and accuracy that have made it the top choice of the professionals while staying economical.

The overall feel of the set is amazing, as the golf club is very lightweight and balanced. The face is made of Ni-CO 300 super-alloy used in the production to ensure the quality and accuracy of the product.

The outlook of the golf iron is matte white finish, and the aerodynamic shape ensures that this set has a competitive edge. The speed pocket is responsible for strengthening the sweet spot while making it more substantial. This large sweet spot makes sure that the spin is reduced to an optimal level.


  • Large sweet spot
  • New pocket design
  • Aerodynamic shape
  • Matte white finish
  • Ability to work well in sand and tight lies
  • Null off-centers
  • Shaft is made of graphite


  • Lightweight for the fairway wood

Our Verdict

If you think that you can easily cope with the lightweight of the golf club, there is not a single con you will find in this set (just like we couldn’t!) Overall, it’s a great addition to the fairway woods, but again, the white finish can get dirty very quickly! 

4. Titleist MB 716 Iron – Best Golf Blades Ever Made

  If you want to gain the ultimate level of line shot control, this iron blade is the perfect option for you. If we talk about the design, the iron has been endorsed with the thin top line and the square toe which enhances the shot control to a great level.

Other than that, it has been equipped with the muscle-back feel and the refined blade which is quite an improvement in the golfing world.

The build is pretty sturdy as the 1025 grade of carbon steel has been added in the sole which ensures the sturdy shots and the mass technology in the shaft ensure the lightweight.

Also, it will play a great role in ball launching. If we talk about the overall sound, it’s great with the center hits but the off-center hits will have bad sounds. When we played with this iron, we were amazed by the consistency of the shots.


  • Consistency in the shots
  • High feedback value
  • Simple and mainstream designs


  • Low forgiving values

Our Verdict

If you ask us our personal opinion, we would say that there are much better blade irons with high forgiveness in this price range. But again, if it meets your needs, we are no one to imply anything! 

5. Cobra King Forged MB – Best Golf Iron Blade Ever

  If you ask us, the golf clubs have a more forgiving configuration and the overall weight is light to ensure the comfortable golfing experience. This golf club set has been equipped with the Max Superlight feature that will ensure the optimal balance in the golf shots.

This golf club has E9 face with the forged feature that allows the players to work on the distance and speed. Along with the forged face, back is weighting to ensure that the performance is apt.

The 360 grips have been added to the golf club set which ensures ultimate support and comfort to the player. The material used in the golf club grip is soft rubber to enhance the feel of the game.

The fairway woods are equipped with the 455 stainless steel that ensures golfers are able to make high-launch shots that are not only long but straight as well.

The hybrids have the same steel face which increases the speed of the ball and the launch will be tuned dynamically. Moreover, the lightweight of the golf club will enhance the swing performance and speed.

The blade putter has been designed keeping in mind the modern infrastructure. Other than that, the cart bag is added into the set that comes with ample storage to keep everything organized.


  • Lightweight
  • Well-designed
  • Accurate shots
  • Apt for the beginners and intermediates
  • Ample storage space in the cat bag


  • Not apt for the professionals

Our Verdict

As we are talking about the intermediate and beginner golfer, we are happy to state that this is the most perfect golf club. However, if you needed something versatile that could work for the professional players as well; this set might not do the deed for you. 

6. Wilson Staff Men’s (8 piece Set) – Best Golf Blades Value For Money

  Before we start telling you about the features of this iron set, we are happy to state that you will be hitting the green perfectly with this set. This golf club set has eight pieces in it with the utter level of quality and the long-life will sweep you off your feet.

This brand has gained a great name and reputation in the golf club construction market and everyone can trust their products with closed eyes.

In this set, there is a 460cc titanium driver along with the 6-PW irons, one hybrid, fairway wood, and putter to ensure you give a great opening ceremony in the golf course after practicing for a bit. Along with these pieces, there is a standing bag which will allow the users to keep all the pieces safe and easy to carry around.

These golf clubs are designed to increase the accuracy of the shots. Moreover, the players will be able to cover a huge distance and also provides optimal control over the launched shots.

With the titanium driver, the forgiveness has been increased and the low center of gravity will ensure that huge distance is covered and the leeway is also ensured for the bad shots.

When we talk about the irons, there is a perimeter weighting option that will allow the golfers to reduce the number of mishits as they will be able to make straight shots. This golf club set has been designed to ensure to provide control over the shots.


  • Economical price
  • High forgiveness
  • Reduced mishits
  • Accurate and controlled shots
  • Soft shots
  • Weighted perimeter
  • Easy grip


  • Not versatile enough for the professional golfers

Our Verdict

If you ask us, we don’t vote for this golf cub set as it didn’t work well for us as we are pros. However, if you are just beginning your golfing career, this golf club set is a great thing to kick start with! 

The Bottom Line 

In this article, we have tried our best to name the industry saturated set of blade irons. This is because we want you to ace the golf club. So, ensure that you have devised the needs and preferences which will be helpful in making an informed and accurate decision.

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